Bathhouse in Bukovel

What can be better than baths? For Slavs the baths in Bukovel — it’s not just a place to wash your body, it’s a temple of health, relaxation and beauty. Only imagine as steam covers your body and makes it “weightless”, an oak broom helps to relax and forget about all the problems, swimming in the pool will restore power and give a lot of excitement and pleasure.

Sauna with a swimming pool in the hotel complex Pidhiria

On the ground floor of the hotel Pidhiria in Bukovel is located a spacious baths with a large swimming pool. If visitors want, they can use the relaxation room, which has all the conveniences — a TV set, a table and handmade wooden chairs. The room is decorated with a stunning figural stucco, which outlines the Carpathians.

Wooden steam room, built with environmentally friendly Carpathian «firtrees», which give a unique odour, that helps to relax. Baths can accommodate simultaneously up to 10 people.

Having well-steamed in the sauna, with a temperature of 100°C, you should obviously plunge into the icy water. For such purposes, along with the sauna we have a swimming pool of cold water. It has a multilevel system of cleaning, so water is always crystal clear. Nice neon lights of the pool and waterfall will help our guests to relax. All visitors can also spend time at the bar, where in addition to the traditional drinks can also try unique therapeutic tea with Carpathian herbs and berries. With tea is recommended to try natural Carpathian honey.

The sauna in Bukovel will remain in your memory with its special colouring and spirit!